Our company , Changsha Rongsheng Optical Technology Co.,Ltd (formerly known as Changsha Quantum Optical Technology Co.,Ltd )was founded in 2012. We always have been a professional supplier of high-quality optical components and reasonable optical system's solutions for various laser system users.

Our current production capacity covers a whole technological process including cutting, grinding, polishing, coating, testing and assembling. After a long struggle of accumulation and innovation, our company has already had a proven ability about optical cold working and the design and production of optical thin film. Strictly following optical and quality standard, we have formed a perfect quality control system to ensure high quality products.

Our team has aways been serving in the laser field with highly responsibility and professional spirit. We value the trust from our customers with the mission of high quality and customer satisfaction. We are sure that we could make your optical system better.

Optical components ,as the primary parts for all laser systems and infrared imaging system, directly affect the quality and performance of the whole system. We have been a professional manufactory which pays attention to high-quality optical components for various laser system. We will always provide perfect optical system solutions for producers and end users.

At present, our main products' application are mainly range of infrared , and visible wavelength and ultraviolet that are widely applied in laser marking, graving, cutting, welding, drilling, superficial treatment, medical care, infrared detector, infrared imagery etc.. Moreover, we also supply optical components for infrared logical system which covering infrared induction,testing and imaging.

Main products:

F-theta scan lens;  3-Axis Dynamic Scanning System;  Achromatic scan lens; Telemetric Scanning Lens;

Beam Expands;        Scanning Galvanometer Mirrors;          Reflectors;                    Output Couplers;  

Rear mirrors;         Thin Film Polarizer;                              Focusing lens;                  Achromatic lens;  

Deep Focus Lens;    IR Thermal Imaging Lens;                    Aspheric lens;                   Beam Combiners;  

Beam splitters;         Brewster Windows;       windows;         filter;          Prism;           Cylindrical Lens. 

Main base materials:

Zinc Selenide (ZnSe);     Gallium Arsenide (GaAs);     Zinc Sulfide (ZnS);      Zinc Sulfide MultiSpectral (ZnS MS);  

Silicon(Si);                     Germanium (Ge);                  Molybdenum (Mo);     Copper(Cu);      

Fused Silica ;                  Optical glass;                     Sapphire;                 Silicon carbide(SiC)


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